About the Archive

Welcome to the Bury Grammar Schools’ Digital Archive.

The Archive is divided into two sections entitled ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ Archives. Each section contains historical documents and photographs, along with Publications including ‘The Clavian’ and ‘School Yearbooks’ for the Boys and ‘The Record’ and ‘School Magazines’ for the Girls.

It is a valuable resource, providing fascinating information about pupils, staff and school life.

Each magazine has been digitally reproduced and each article extracted to provide a comprehensive search facility that enables the user to locate items of interest contained within a specific magazine or across the whole archive.
In addition, each article is categorised to enable quick-link searches to be placed over the system.

The results are returned in a tabular format with the ability to select a title and view either the whole magazine or just the article as a pdf.

Alternatively, the user may view the magazines as a whole pdf, and scroll through using the page navigation option or the embedded bookmarks.

It is recommended that the system is viewed in Internet Explorer 9 or above, or the equivalent.

The user will require a pdf viewer to open the pdf files. These viewers may be obtained free of charge directly from www.adobe.com.

For more details on how to use the system, please refer to the User Guide which can be accessed from the Home page.